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Brief curriculum

Personal data

Tel. No.
+34 965903400 x 2617

Current professional activity

630909 - Posición social de la mujer
6308 - Comunicaciones sociales
531101 - Publicidad
630607 - Sociología de los medios de comunicación de masas

Academic background

  • Suficiencia investigadora (Diploma de estudios avanzados)
    Departamento de Sociología II Universidad de Alicante (01/10/2001)
  • Licenciado en Sociología (Marketing y Publicidad)
    Universidad de Alicante (11/10/1999)

Natalia Papí Gálvez is an Associate University Professor since 2011 in the Department of Communication and Social Psychology of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. She has four teaching quinquennia and three recognized six-year research periods. She also works as a researcher for the University Research Institute of Gender Studies (IUIEG), the Interuniversity Institute of International Economics (IEI) and is the director of the strategic communication studies group (E-COM).

She has a PhD from the University of Alicante (2004) and received a special award for her thesis "Reconciling work and family life newspaper companiesof the Valencian Community: women’s perspectives". She also won a special Sociology award in the subfield of "Marketing and Advertising". She graduated in 1999, following a mobility grant to complete her studies in the United Kingdom. 

That same year, she obtained a research grant in a public call by Valencia’s General Directorate for Women to carry out a gender-based study in the footwear sector. Months later she obtained a research prize from the Centre for European Studies of the University of Valladolid for another gender study on European enlargement. In 2000 she was awarded a national research grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology for the Training of Research Staff (FPI) in the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid. That same year she completed a research stay at the Zentrum für Umfragen, Methoden und Analyze (ZUMA) of GESIS in Germany.

Since the end of 2001, she has been teaching at the University of Alicante, in the official Advertising and Public Relations Degree. Much of her work as a teacher focuses on the subject "Introduction to Research in Advertising Media" (undergraduate level) and on "Research and Media Planning" (Degree level). She has also taught: "Deontology of Advertising and Public Relations" (Publicity and Public Relations), "Online advertising planning" (Social Media and Community Management), "Research Skills in Communication" (Official Master's Degree in Communication and the Creative Industries), "Fundamentals of gender studies for the analysis of social communication and advertising", "Gender studies" and "Advertising and social communication" (doctoral program of Social Welfare and Inequalities). Currently, she contributes to the doctorate program of Business, Economy and Society of the Faculty of Economic and Business Administration, in “2. Communication, Behaviour and Society”; and the PhD program in Health Sciences, of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

She has participated in numerous R + D + i projects and has directed several studies related to her two lines of specialization: 1. "Gender, policies and effectiveness of advertising", centring on work and family life conciliation; and 2. "Research, strategy and planning of advertising media", focusing mainly on new media and digital communication. In this latter line of research, she is a guest researcher at European universities, such as the Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy), DCU and CiT (Ireland). Her publications emphasize the role of new communication technologies, the strategies and impact of advertising and its media, techniques and research methods and the evolution of scientific production in Communication. 

She has held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration for six months and that of Vice Dean of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations for seven years.