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+34 965903400 x 8460

Current professional activity


Academic background

  • Máster en Arqueología y Gestión del Patrimonio
  • Doctor en Comunicación, Comportamiento y Sociedad
    Facultad de CC Económicas y Empresariales Universidad de Alicante (09/03/2019)
  • Máster en Innovación en Periodismo
  • Master en Producción Audiovisual
    UNIVERSIDAD DE ALCALA (20/07/2010)
  • Experto Universitario en Comunicación de la Ciencia
    Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) (15/09/2009)

Journalist specialized in Science Communication and doctor in Communication, Behavior and Society. He researches in the field of natural and cultural heritage. Professor of the Department of Communication and Social Psychology, researcher at the University Institute of Archeology and Historical Heritage and director of the Villajoyosa University Headquarters. He has worked as an audiovisual director and producer for more than thirty years at the Image Workshop of the University of Alicante, of which he was co-director between 1997 and 2000. He teaches in the Degree in Advertising and in the Official Master's Degree in Cultural Tourism of the AU. He is also a professor in the Official Master's Degree in Nautical and Underwater Archeology at the University of Cádiz and has been a professor in the Master's Degree in Virtual Heritage at the UA. He has directed numerous Bachelor's and Master's Thesis and Final Year Projects in Telecommunications Technical Engineering. He is director of the Competitive Research Group "ICOMAV" at the University of Alicante. In 2022 he received the Research Award from the Juan Gil Albert Institute of Culture in Alicante.

In his line of research he addresses documentation, communication and audiovisual dissemination of science, especially in the underwater field. He develops documentary work methodologies with 2D and 3D imaging techniques in submerged environments and investigates human perception of the image with eyetracking techniques. He has participated in numerous research projects in Spain and other countries such as France, Mauritania, Algeria, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, USA, Philippines, Panama, Ecuador and Tunisia. He has made more than 150 scientific audiovisual productions and knowledge transfer. He has received twenty-seven national and international awards for his audiovisual work, such as the First Prize at the Agrofilm Festival of the Ministry of Culture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic or the Bronze Poseidon at the Festival de l'Image Sous Marine de Rognac Culture Loisirs de France.

He has participated in four scientific expeditions to Antarctica with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and made the large-format documentary for TVE titled Antártida, la vida en el Límite.

He is a researcher in numerous underwater archaeological excavations such as the Roman wreck Bou Ferrer, the Rocciu 1 wreck in Corsica, the Phoenician ship Mazarrón 2, or the Albufereta wreck. He is currently part of the research teams of the projects of the Bay of Xàbia (UA-Archaeological Museum of Xàbia and Generalitat Valenciana-UA), the Wreck of the Sec of Mallorca (University of Valencia-INA), and the Arqueomallornauta project of the Consell of Mallorca and the universities of Cádiz, Barcelona and Mallorca.

As IP he has directed the MAR DE ESPAÑA R&D project, of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. He has made the documentary series: La España Sumergida for TVE and Andalucía Submarina for Canal Sur Televisión. He designed and was the director of the series Cota Cero for the ATEI and Vent de Mar for RTVV. Currently he is IP of the DOCUSUB Development Cooperation project in Cuba.