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+34 965903400 x 2268

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  • Master en neuropsicología clínica
  • Master en psicología clínica
    Centro de terapia de conducta (01/05/2003)

Currently a professor hired a doctor at the University of Alicante. Doctor with cum-laude qualification from Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche. He was an associate professor at the Miguel Hernández University (2011). Guest professor at UCAM, University of Malaga and Aten-D for postgraduate training. He has conducted research and teaching stays at: Laboratory of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience (LNCyC) is an interdisciplinary research group based in the Center for Biomedical Technology of Madrid and Complutense University of Madrid, University of Jaén, University Miguel Hernández, University of Santiago de Chile (Chile), Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher (Dominican Republic) and University of Florence (Italy)

He has made several masters related to clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology. He has also attended and participated in various national and international conferences related to educational psychology, neuropsychology and clinical psychology. This concern for training has led me to have a transversal and neuroeducational perspective of human behavior. Both health psychology from a cognitive behavioral perspective, as well as clinical neuropsychology, have provided the necessary knowledge to have a more integrative vision of the learning processes, emotional state and behavior of students who have neurodevelopmental disorders (eg: mental disability, ASD, etc.).

Thus, its center of interest in research is to analyze: 1) the beneficial factors for health in children and adolescents (eg: covitality model, prosocial behavior and emotional intelligence) and 2) the factors associated with repetitive behavior in various mental disorders (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD and Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD). In the latter sense, he has participated in the validation of scales for OCD in Spanish and Chilean adolescents (OCI-R, C-FOCI, OCI-CV, etc.). Similarly, it has validated the Repetitive Behavior Scale - Revised (RBS-R. Bodfish, et al., 2000; Martínez-González and Piqueras, 2017) in ASD population. In the field of study of repetitive behavior he has studied the relationship between severity of repetitive behavior and variables such as family, medication, type of school, adaptive behavior, negative emotional symptoms, neuropsychological, neurophysiological and intestinal-microbiota gut or gut microbiota relationship.

Professor Martínez-González has been the ideologist of the creation of the COREAT app. The COREAT (Repeating Behavior Autism Test) app is the first serious application for health at the international level of free and evidence-based download, which allows you to report on the level of severity of repetitive behavior both in people with ASD and in people with disabilities intellectual following DSM-5 criteria.

Dr. Martínez-González is the director of the INTEGRAL RESEARCH GROUP IN THE TYPICAL AND ATIPIC NEURODESARROLLO (GINTA) belonging to the Department of Evolutionary and Didactic Psychology of the Faculty of Education of the University of Alicante (UA). Ginta's fundamental objective is the study of the typical and atypical neurodevelopment of the child-youth population in order to transfer an integrative scientific knowledge (technological, neuroeducational, etc.) to the whole society and to the educational community in particular.