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+34 965903400 x 2698

Current professional activity

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Academic background

  • Doctor en Biología
    Universidad de Alicante (31/01/2001)
    Centro de Estudios de Doctorado y Posgrado (31/01/2001)
  • Grado licenciada
    University Alicante (06/07/1995)
  • Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas
    University Alicante (27/07/1993)

María Ángeles Alonso (Alicante, 20.Febr.1970) is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Botany in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources (CARN). She is a member of the “Botany and Plant Conservation Research Group”. In the field of management, she has held the position of Secretary of the CARN Department; she was for 5 years (2013-2019) the Academic Coordinator of the Degree in Biology at the Faculty of Sciences. Currently (2017-), she is the Director of the University Headquarters of the UA at Villena, whose main objective is university extension, a project that structures the UA territory, transfer of knowledge from the University to Society.


She holds a Bachelor in Biology from the University of Alicante (1989-1993), she obtained a Bachelor's Degree (1995) in the Thesis modality, with the work titled “Flora and Vegetation of the Valley of Villena” (published by Instituto Alicantino de Cultura Juan Gil-Albert, Diputación de Alicante), and later she reached the PhD Degree (2001) with the thesis entitled "Geobotanical Study of the salt flats of the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula", qualified with the highest score “Excellent Cum laude”.


Since 1998, as a Lecturer in the University of Alicante, she has taught in the Bachelor of Biology, in the Degree of Biology, and in the Doctorate Programme “Biodiversity: conservation and management of species and their habitats”, which uninterruptedly obtained the Quality Mention (Spanish Ministry of Education) since the 2003-04. In addition, she also participated in the “Master of Biodiversity”, which obtained the Mention towards Excellence, in October 2011. Currently she teaches in the “Master's Degree in Criminal Investigation and Forensic Sciences” (Faculty of Law, UA) and the “Master's Degree in Conservation of Biodiversity and Restoration of the marine and terrestrial environment” (Faculty of Sciences, UA).


She has published numerous scientific articles (papers), books, and book chapters. She has participated in European research projects, such as the 'Marie Sklodowska Curie Programme; 12 National I+D+i projects (remarkably in 3 “Flora Iberica” projects together with researchers from 10 Spanish universities and research institutes); 7 I+D+i research projects from the Spanish Autonomous Communities, in addition to numerous research grants from the University of Alicante. In the field of knowledge transfer, she has participated in 18 research contracts and agreements between the University of Alicante and external companies or organisations.