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Academic certificate (students without registration file No.)
Enter the details of the qualifications qualification gained or type of admission exam.
E.g. Undergraduate degree in Nursing (year 1986) or Admission test for over 25s (year 2019).
Document authentication
Enter the details of the document to be certified.
E.g.: attested copy of the undergraduate degree in Nursing.
University admission test card replacement
Enter the details of the exams.
E.g. University Admission Test academic year 2018-19, regular exam session.
Equival report of foreign studies for admission to Master's and PhD degrees
Enter the details of the degree programme.
E.g. Bachelor of Arts (Florida State University)
Replacement degree certificate issuance
Enter the details of the qualification title.
E.g. Graduate in Law by the University of Alicante
Doctor's degree recognition
Enter the details of the original degree programme.
E.g. Doutora en Biologia Animal (Universidade do Rio do Janeiro)
Career Guidance Seminar for students over 25 and 45
Enter the details of the admission test.
E.g. Admission test for over 25s
Transfer of records (students who have not begun university studies)
Enter the name of the host university.
E.g. Universidad de Barcelona
Annual fee renewal Alumni UA
Enter the year of your renewal.
E.g. 2021
University Admission test
Enter the information about the exams.
Example: PAU term 2021-22, regular examination session, M25 2021-22, etc.



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