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+34 965903400 x 2696

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Academic background

  • Doctorado en Gestión y Valoración Urbana y Arquitectónica. Ref: MCD-200500344
    Escuela Politécnica de Cataluña (02/02/2016)
  • Graduado universitario en Ingeniería de la Edificación
    Universidad Camilo José Cela (01/06/2011)

Silvia Spairani, PhD, full-time contract lecturer (1 six-year CNEAI) at the UA DCA. I participate in the project “Ener Valor 2. PID2019-104561RB-I00. Allende los EPC. Requerimientos, potencial y riesgos de las hipotecas de eficiencia en promoción de viviendas eficientes” (“Beyond EPCs. Requirements, potential and risks of energy-efficient mortgages in promoting energy-efficient housing”), continuation of the project “BIA2015-6 3606-R. ¿Cuánto nos importa la calificación energética? Análisis del nivel de comprensión de los EPC, confianza percibida e impacto sobre preferencias y valores residenciales”(“How much do we care about energy ratings? An analysis of the level of understanding about EPCs, perceived trust and impact on residential preferences and values” 2015,R&D&I projects, 2013/16 Spanish (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness). PI: Carlos Marmolejo. I am also involved in project GV/2020/038. Optimización dosificación de morteros de cemento ligeros de alta resistencia con polvo de mármol” (“Dosage optimisation of lightweight, high-strength cement mortars with marble dust. Technical solution and environmental sustainability”). PI: Francisco Baeza. In 2010 I undertook a research visit to the UPC under the direction of Josep Roca. I was awarded a contract for technical assistance in research on PATRAC project,(code F00276 914-10), (R&D, 2004-07). I have also collaborated with J. Roca on other non-competitive R&D&I projects with public institutions: Castell-Platja d’Aro Town Council (code C08035), Ciutadella Town Council (code C07987) and Catalan Government, Department of the Environment (code C08241). In 2006/2007 I participated as a researcher in a contract Holcim Morteros, SA-UA (HOLCIM2-06I), PI: Eva García. In 2018 I collaborated on the non-competitive R&D&I project “Quiero ser ingeniera”“I want to be a female engineer” by the Women’s Institute, PI: Luis Aragonés. Since 2007 I have been a member of GIRAUA-CICOP group;I have taken part in 16 non-competitive R&D&I projects for public institutions and several private clients: Bishopric of Cartagena; Jijona Town Council; S. Andrés Parish Church, Villanueva; Villajoyosa Town Council; S. Miguel de Salinas Church; Biar Town Council; Nª Señora del Rosario Parish Church; monastic brotherhood of La Paz; S. Miguel Parish Church; Santiago Apóstol Parish Church, Benijófar; Nucía Town Council; Sax Town Council; Urbanizadora S. Domingo, SA; SICAM, Hermanos Avilés, SL. Until 2018 I worked with the UA’s Tutorial Action Network (start: July 2009) and Accessibility and Gender Equality Network (start: February 2014). Since January 2015 I have participated in the network organised by the UA Gender Equality Office; within this network, I am in charge of the Polytechnic School’s gender equality policies and actions. Academic reviewer of: ESTOA: Revista de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Universidad Cuenca (Avery, ESCI, Latindex, MIAR; Ecuador, June 2018) and ACE. Arquitectura, Ciudad y Entorno (SJR Q2Architecture, Avery, MIAR). Publications: 4JCR (Q2-Engineering-Multidisciplinary); in SJR (1Q1-Engineering, 2Q2-Engineering-Architecture, 2 Q3-Urban Studies and 3 Q4-Visual Arts); 1 ESCI (Clarivate Analytics);1 Avery, MIAR. 14 conference proceedings with ISBN, 2 Scopus: REHABEND 2020 y ISPRS-Archives-Volumen XLII-2/W15, 2019; 1 WOS: Revista IOP Conference Series;6 Scholarly Publishers Indicators: 2 5th Internat. Conference on Virtual City/Territory, 3 3rd Conference on Building Pathology-Rehabilitation and 1 UPC participation (9th Internat. Conference on Virtual City/Territory); 3 UPC participation (4th Conference on Building Pathology-Rehabilitation and 2 6th Conference o