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+34 965903400 x 2926

Current professional activity

Academic background

  • Doctora en Filología Hispánica
    Universidad de Alicante (16/06/1997)
  • Master of Arts (Harvard University)
    Harvard University (01/06/1992)
  • Licenciada en Filosofía y Letras (Filología Hispánica)
    University Alicante (30/06/1990)

Helena Establier Pérez is a senior lecturer in Spanish Literature at the Department of Spanish Studies, General Linguistics and Theory of Literature at the University of Alicante and coordinator of the PhD Programme in Arts. Her main line of research is concerned with the relationships between Spanish literature and gender studies, specialising in literature written by women between the 18th and 20th centuries. She is currently a member of the research groups in Gender (IG); Spanish Poetry and Gender (PoGEsp); and Aesthetic Trends in Spanish and Hispanic American Literature; as well as a research collaborator in the UNED’s BIESES group (“Database of Spanish Women Writers”). She has been principal investigator of several projects within competitive funding programmes, such as “Género, cuerpo e identidad en las poetas españolas de la primera mitad del siglo XX” [“Gender, body and identity in Spanish women poets of the first half of the 20th century”] (MICINN, PID2020-113343GB-I00) and “Observatorio de Género en la poesía española (1900-1950). Cuerpo y sexualidad en las poetas del Mediterráneo” [“Gender Observatory in Spanish Poetry (1900-1950). Body and sexuality in Mediterranean women poets”] (GVA, AICO/2020/035). 

She has held a number of academic and research management positions at the University of Alicante, having served as director (2020-2023) and academic secretary (2015-2019) of the UA Institute for Gender Studies Research, coordinator of the UA Expert Course in Gender-Based Violence: An Interdisciplinary Approach (2019-2023), coordinator of the teaching area of the University of Alicante Women’s Studies Centre (2007-2010), secretary (2006-2007) and coordinator of activities and courses (2005-2006) at the same centre, director of the PhD Degree in Literary Studies (2008-2016), director of the Master’s Degree in Literary Studies (2007-2012) and director of the journal Feminismo/s (2008-2010, 2015-2023).