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+34 965903400 x 965903482
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+34 965903400 x 965903410

Current professional activity

Academic background

  • Doctor en Filologia Catalana
    Universitat d`Alacant (01/02/1999)
  • Grau de Licenciatura
    Universitat d`Alacant (01/12/1992)
  • Licenciat en Filologia Hispánica (orientació Filologia Catalana)
    Universitat d`Alacant (01/06/1991)

Carles Cortés (Alcoi, 13.02.1968) is a lecturer in Literature at the University of Alicante Department of Catalan Studies since 2002 and a member and Director of the Multidisciplinary Research Group in Literature and other arts in Mediterranean Cultures. He is currently the University of Alicante Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages, after having served for eight years as the Director of the Culture Office.

He is a member of the International Association of Catalan Language and Literature, of the International Association of Recherche sur les Interférences des Dés Codes (TRAVERSES) [UPRES / EAD] of the University of Paris VIII-Saint Denis, of the Séminaire d'Études Catalans (SEC ) from the Paris-Sorbonne University Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Iberian and Contemporary Worlds (CRIMIC) and membre, since 2002, of the Work Advisory Committee at CILEC (Center for Research in European Contentrationary Literature) in Sabadell.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies studies (Catalan Studies pathway) and a Phd in Catalan Language and Literatures since 1999. He participated, along with others, in various research projects funded by public bodies such as:

AE98-05 on bibliographical data of Valencian writers (Regional Government of Valencia, 1998)

BFF2003-04286 on autobiographical forms in Contemporary Catalan Literature (Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, 2003-2006)

GRE03-03 Observatory on the reception of Maghreb literature: Arabic/French and Spanish/Catalan translation of titles (University of Alacant, 2003-2004)

GV04B/632 on translation and multiculturalism: Maghrebi re-writings in the Mediterranean culture (Regional Government of Valencia, 2004-2005)

FFI2008-02573 on Catalan autobiographical literature: Diaries and Canon (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2011-2014)

As a fiction author, he has published the following novels: Veu de dona (2001), Marta dibuixa ponts (2003), Els silencis de Maria (2008), Sara, la dona sense atributs (2010),  La clau que obria tots els panys (2015) and El retorn dels llops marins (2016). He is also the author of the theatre plays Veu de dona (2005), Fets de rei (2008), Silencis (2009) and La dona sense atributs (2013).