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+34 965903400 x 3946

Current professional activity


Academic background

  • Doctor en Ciencias Químicas
    Universidad de Alicante (01/05/1991)
  • Grado de Licenciado en Ciencias Químicas
    University Alicante (01/03/1989)
  • Licenciado en Ciencias Químicas
    University Alicante (01/06/1988)

I develop my research in the preparation of materials for applications in energy and environment protection and in the improvement of chemical processes. Specifically, I work in the following areas: i) preparation and characterization of carbon materials, zeolites and composites, thin films and fillings and monoliths of these materials; ii) heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis; iii) pollutant removal; iv) materials characterization by synchrotron radiation based techniques (SAXS, XAFS, SANS, LAD); v) fundamentals of gas adsorption at low and high pressures; vi) gas storage (methane and hydrogen); vii) electrical energy storage (supercapacitors). The results of this research have been published in high impact journals like Carbon, Journal of Catalysis, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Langmuir, ChemSusChem, Chem Eng Journal, Journal of Power Sources,… From this research, I have published 311 papers in international journals (H index= 68, SCOPUS) and I am co-author of 16 patents. I have participated in more than 70 research projects, being the main researcher in more than 40 of them. In the last five years, I have been co-author of more than 65 publications. I have also contributed with more than 400 communications to congresses and meetings and I have been plenary lecturer in international conferences like the World Carbon Conference (Carbon 2018, Madrid). I have been advisor of 31 PhD Thesis. Among the most important milestones reached by our research group, we have developed superactivated carbons (with apparent surface areas above 3000 m2/g) and with the surface chemistry tailored for the desired application. These materials have a large number of applications in energy storage and pollutant removal, areas in which we have done remarkable contributions. Thus, we work on hydrogen and methane storage, which is an especially important subject in hydrogen economy since the storage is one of the limiting steps for its implementation. In this area, we have developed an equipment useful for high pressure adsorption measurements which was patented and has led to a spin-off that builds and distributes worldwide the equipments through Quantachrome Co. We have also made significant contributions in the supercapacitors development from a fundamental and applied points of view. We are especially dedicated to adapt the surface chemistry of the carbon materials to improve their durability by minimizing their degradation and to the use of aqueous based electrolytes at high voltage windows. The doped carbon materials that we prepare can be used as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction (ORR) which is another important research area. We also dedicate especial attention to the synthesis of metal nanoparticles with defined composition and size that can be used to design improved catalysts for different reactions, among which hydrogen purification (PrOx), olefin epoxidation, total oxidation of organic compounds (catalysis and photocatalysis) and ORR, are the most studied in the group. We also work on the synthesis of thin films and fillings of the bulk materials subject of our research that are used as membranes, microreactors, and structured catalysts for process intensification.