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Course description

Competencies and objectives


Course context for academic year 2021-22

"Methods of analysis of polymeric materials" is an optional subject of 3 ECTS, which falls within the subject area Polymeric Materials, included in the Specialization Module. There are two other optional subjects that study different aspects of polymeric materials. Thus, the subject "Polymer Science" covers the study of the structure and properties of polymers, mainly for their application as adhesives. The subject "Conductive polymers, Basics and applications" focuses on synthesis methods, mainly electrochemical, as well as on the properties and technological applications of conductive polymers. On the other hand, the subject "Materials with applications in photonics" focuses on the use of materials with this application.

The subject "Methods of analysis of polymeric materials" introduces the student to the different experimental techniques of analysis of polymeric materials, independently of their application, which allow the study of surface chemistry, topography and energy. Special emphasis is given to spectroscopy and microscopy techniques for the analysis of polymer surfaces and interfaces, as well as techniques for the evaluation of surface energy. The students who have studied the subjects of the Core Module "Characterization techniques I: X-ray scattering, neutron and electron microscopy (6ECTS) and" Characterization techniques II: Spectroscopy and Surface Sciences have the basic theoretical knowledge that will allow them, in this specialization module, to apply these techniques to the specific study of polymeric materials, to discern between the information provided by each one of them and to restrict the analysis to the polymer surface.




Course content (verified by ANECA in official undergraduate and Master’s degrees)

Specific Competences:>>specialisation

  • CEE28 : Understand the techniques for analysing polymer materials.




Learning outcomes (Training objectives)

Los derivados del contenido de cada asignatura y los relacionados con las competencias de especialización indicadas y con las competencias generales y básicas del título.



Specific objectives stated by the academic staff for academic year 2021-22

1. To know the fundamentals of the main techniques of analysis of polymer materials for their application in research.
2. To know the theoretical basis, the methodology and the application of different techniques to restrict the analysis of polymeric materials to their surface.
3. To know the techniques of evaluation of mechanical properties of polymeric materials.

1. To develop in the students the ability to select the most appropriate characterization techniques based on the type of sample of polymeric material, the depth of the surface from which information is being achieved, whether the test is destructive or not, etc.
2. To develop in the students the ability to interpret experimental results, using the information provided by each technique of analysis of polymeric materials to conclude the properties of the material.

1. To develop in the students an autonomous learning of the concepts developed in the subject.
2. To develop in the students the concern to interpret accurately research results.
3. To develop in the students the critical ability to know and discuss the latest advances in the theory and practice of the analysis of polymeric materials.




Code: 35824
Lecturer responsible:
Credits ECTS: 3,00
Theoretical credits: 0,80
Practical credits: 0,40
Distance-base hours: 1,80

Departments involved

    Theoretical credits: 0,8
    Practical credits: 0,4
    This Dept. is responsible for the course.
    This Dept. is responsible for the final mark record.

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