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Course description

Competencies and objectives


Course context for academic year 2021-22

Acquisition and learning of English and development of the student´s communicative competence at the  level of Independent User, with the aim of preparing him/her for the teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Spanish primary schools.




Course content (verified by ANECA in official undergraduate and Master’s degrees)



General Competences (CG)

  • CG3 : Capacity to adapt to new situations. Analyse changes that may occur in the environment flexibly and be able to take well-founded decisions to respond to them. Plan and organise new actions with reflective capacity.
  • CG4 : Team work. Collaborate with others to create a common project. Be able to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams and assume different roles in the dynamics of the work groups and lead them when appropriate.


Specific Competences (CE)

  • CE12 : Understand that teaching involves continuous improvement and adapting to scientific, pedagogical, technological, social and cultural changes throughout one's lifetime.
  • CE9 : Recognise the educational implications of information and communications technologies and, in particular, of television in early childhood.


Competencias Módulo optatividad:>>Mención en Lengua extranjera: Inglés

  • M-ING-05 : Ser capaz de ofrecer al alumnado modelos correctos de pronunciación, ritmo y entonación en inglés.




General Competences (CG)

  • CG3 : Show oral and written language skills for teaching (official languages of the Region of Valencia and foreign languages) and the ability to communicate on different levels in different registers.
  • CG4 : Use the new information and communication technologies to learn, communicate and share knowledge.


Specific Competences (CE)

  • CE12 : Express oneself orally and in writing with the necessary fluency and precision in Catalan and Spanish to be able to teach at primary level and also use a foreign language as a vehicle in certain classroom situations.
  • CE9 : Integrate information and communication technologies into guided and autonomous teaching and learning activities.


Competencias Módulo optatividad:>>Mención en Lengua extranjera: Inglés

  • M-ING-05 : Ser capaz de ofrecer al alumnado modelos correctos de pronunciación, ritmo y entonación en inglés.




Learning outcomes (Training objectives)

No data



Specific objectives stated by the academic staff for academic year 2021-22

Develop  the level of Independent User B2. For this you will have to practice the following:

- Reading comprehension: Understand extensive and linguistically complex texts dealing with both concrete and abstract topics;

- Oral comprehension: Understand and identify the main ideas, and follow the complex lines of argument of oral texts transmitted through audiovisual media that  refer to known, current or more specific topics;

- Written production: Produce clear and detailed texts,  cohesive, well organized and appropriate to  the interlocutor and the communicative purpose, on various topics; argue for a  point of view on general or specialized, educational topics;

- Oral production :

- Actively participate in conversations  with correctness and fluency;

- Present information and opinion through clear, cohesive, organized and appropriate texts;

- Self-evaluation: Mobilize one´s own resources and progress towards self-learning and self-evaluation techniques.




Code: 17811
Lecturer responsible:
Credits ECTS: 6,00
Theoretical credits: 1,20
Practical credits: 1,20
Distance-base hours: 3,60

Departments involved

    Theoretical credits: 1,2
    Practical credits: 1,2
    This Dept. is responsible for the course.
    This Dept. is responsible for the final mark record.

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