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Course description

Competencies and objectives


Course context for academic year 2018-19

La asignatura Termodinámica es una materia de formación básica de 6 créditos ECTS que se imparte en el primer cuatrimestre del segundo curso del Grado en Física. Tiene como objetivo general promover el desarrollo de la capacidad de análisis y el pensamiento crítico de los alumnos y pone énfasis en la resolución práctica de problemas. Da continuidad a la asignatura de Física I del primer cuatrimestre del primer curso y guarda estrecha relación con muchas otras asignaturas del grado, especialmente con la asignatura Técnicas Experimentales I del segundo cuatrimestre del segundo curso y Mecánica Estadística del primer cuatrimestre del tercer curso.



Course content (verified by ANECA in official undergraduate and Master’s degrees)

General Competences (CG)

  • CG1 : Develop the capacity for analysis, synthesis and critical reasoning.
  • CG3 : Solve problems effectively.


Specific Competences (CE)

  • CE1 : Know and apply the fundamental concepts of Physics.
  • CE10 : Be able to use computing tools to model and solve physical problems.
  • CE11 : Solve qualitative and quantitative problems using previously developed models.
  • CE12 : Recognize and analyze new problems and devise strategies to address them.
  • CE13 : Understand the most important physical theories.
  • CE14 : Prepare, present and defend scientific reports both in writing and orally in front of an audience
  • CE2 : Recognize and assess physical processes in everyday life.
  • CE3 : Be able to estimate ranges of magnitude in order to interpret various phenomena. To carry out the approximations required in order to reduce problems to a manageable level. Develop intuition in Physics.


UA Basic Transversal Competences

  • CGUA2 : Correct expression, both orally and in writing, in either of the official languages of the Valencian Community
  • CGUA3 : Possess computer skills relevant to the field of study.




Learning outcomes (Training objectives)

No data



Specific objectives stated by the academic staff for academic year 2018-19

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Code: 26202
Lecturer responsible:
Credits ECTS: 6,00
Theoretical credits: 1,44
Practical credits: 0,96
Distance-base hours: 3,60

Departments involved

    Theoretical credits: 1,44
    Practical credits: 0,96
    This Dept. is responsible for the course.
    This Dept. is responsible for the final mark record.

Study programmes where this course is taught