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Course description

Competencies and objectives


Course context for academic year 2018-19

La asignatura Proyectos, proporciona los conocimientos y destrezas necesarias para la total integración del alumno en el mundo profesional. En el marco del plan formativo del grado, los conocimientos adquiridos en otras asignaturas se verán completados con el manejo y aplicación de conceptos normativos y con el desarrollo de las capacidades para la ejecución y gestión de todo tipo de informes y proyectos vinculados con el resto de asignaturas.



Course content (verified by ANECA in official undergraduate and Master’s degrees)

General Competences (CG)

  • CG2 : Show ability for efficient and effective management/direction: entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, creativity, organisation, planning, control, decision-making and negotiation.
  • CG7 : Acquire a permanent concern for quality, the environment and health and safety at work, always in the framework of sustainability.
  • CG8 : Show the ability to transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions in Geology to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • CG9 : Commit oneself to ethics and the values of equality, as well as to social responsibility as both a citizen and a professional.


Specific Competences (CE)

  • CE15 : Understand present environmental processes and any possible risks associated with them.
  • CE16 : Carry out environmental impact assessments of the territory.
  • CE19 : Know how to analyse and mitigate geological risks (floods, landslides, erosion, volcanic activity, earthquakes, subsidence, etc.).
  • CE20 : Understand and manage the geological heritage, integrated in the Natural Environment.
  • CE21 : Contribute towards evaluating and protecting the Spanish geological and palaeontological heritage, carrying out museum, recreation and dissemination activities for Geology.
  • CE29 : Carry out field and laboratory work responsibly and safely, paying adequate attention to risk assessment, access rights, health and safety legislation and environmental impact.
  • CE30 : Understand past, present and future interactions between the natural environment and human beings, as well as analysing and predicting their future.
  • CE34 : Participate in studies of the physical environment in Civil Works and Building.
  • CE35 : Direct and supervise research and reconnaissance surveys, as well as direct and carry out sampling tasks, on-site and laboratory testing.
  • CE36 : Prepare reports and studies dealing with the exploration, research, production, transformation and control of geological and hydrogeological resources.
  • CE37 : Carry out scientific and technical consultancy tasks dealing with geology and geo-mining problems.
  • CE39 : Direct and prepare reports on Geological and Environmental Studies related to the Planning Directives of different areas of Government or private bodies.
  • CE40 : Carry out all professional activities associated with Geology and Earth Sciences and their scientific, technical and educational development.


Generic UA Competences

  • CGUA2 : Understand sources of information for Geology and know how to manage them.




Learning outcomes (Training objectives)

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Specific objectives stated by the academic staff for academic year 2018-19

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Code: 25549
Lecturer responsible:
Credits ECTS: 6,00
Theoretical credits: 1,60
Practical credits: 0,80
Distance-base hours: 3,60

Departments involved

    Theoretical credits: 1,6
    Practical credits: 0,8
    This Dept. is responsible for the course.
    This Dept. is responsible for the final mark record.

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