Competencies and objectives


Course context for academic year 2019-20

This subject belongs to the formative block "Mathematical Analysis", which also includes the subjects: "Analysis of one real variable I", "Real analysis of several variables I", "Real analysis of several variables II", "Complex variable" and "Functional analysis". The main purpose is to develop the notions of integral and numerical series that will have their natural continuation in the subjects "Real analysis of several variables II" and "Complex variable". It will also serve as a support and tool for other blocks such as "Differential Equations" and "Statistics".



Course content (verified by ANECA in official undergraduate and Master’s degrees)

Specific Competences (CE)

  • CE1 : Understand and use mathematical language. Acquire the capacity to enunciate propositions in different fields of Mathematics, to construct demonstrations and transmit the mathematical knowledge acquired.
  • CE10 : Communicate, both orally and in writing, mathematical knowledge, procedures, results and ideas.
  • CE3 : Assimilate the definition of a new mathematical object in terms of others already known and be able to use said object in different contexts.
  • CE5 : Propose, analyse, validate and interpret models of simple real-life situations, using the most appropriate mathematical tools for the purpose.
  • CE6 : Solve mathematical problems using basic calculus skills and other techniques, planning their resolution according to the tools available and any time and resource restriction.




Learning outcomes (Training objectives)

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Specific objectives stated by the academic staff for academic year 2019-20

  • Learning to use the analysis of numerical series.
  • Learning and knowing how to use the concepts and fundamental results of the integral calculation of one real variable.
  • Using several types of functions with ease as a tool to solve a great diversity of problems.





Code: 25015
Lecturer responsible:
Credits ECTS: 6,00
Theoretical credits: 1,32
Practical credits: 1,08
Distance-base hours: 3,60

Departments involved

    Theoretical credits: 1,32
    Practical credits: 1,08
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