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Course description

Competencies and objectives


Course context for academic year 2013-14

Fundamentos e iniciación a los deportes colectivos I: Fútbol y Balonmano. Elementos técnicos, tácticos y reglamentarios de estos dos deportes.



Course content (verified by ANECA in official undergraduate and Master’s degrees)

General Competences (CG)

  • CG2.1 : Ability for oral and written communication when developing conceptual and procedural content, with special attention to mastering argument and critical reasoning in the subjects in the Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport degree course.
  • CG4.1 : Ability for interpersonal, and effective relationships and emotional control during teamwork and the development of leadership when carrying out learning activities and tasks in the subjects on the Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport degree course.
  • CG4.2 : Development of responsibility and the capacity for initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and originality in the instrumental learning of the subjects on the Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport degree course.
  • CG5.1 : Commitment to the values of equality with regard to questions of gender, diversity and democracy when practising physical activity and sport.
  • CG5.2 : Commitment to ethical values in sporting competition.


Specific Competences (CE)

  • CE14 : Master the basic techniques of different sports so as to be able to execute them efficiently.
  • CE15 : Capacity to design, apply and evaluate high-quality processes, programmes and projects to control the training programmes of individual and team sports, sports using implements, marine sports, gymnastic skills and Valencian pelota, knowing how to select and use the appropriate sports material and equipment for each kind of activity.
  • CE16 : Competence to analyse technical gestures, detecting basic errors relating to specific skills in sports training and discovering their possible causes.
  • CE7 : Capacity to manage and apply knowledge of the foundations of sport.




Learning outcomes (Training objectives)

No data



Specific objectives stated by the academic staff for academic year 2013-14

1. Comprender los reglamentos del fútbol y balonmano. 2. Adquirir vivencias en la realización de prácticas de mejora de la técnica individual. 3. Conocer los principios técnicos-tácticos de estos deportes. 4. Dotar al alumnado de estrategias para afrontar de modo óptimo un análisis cualitativo de la técnica individual. 5. Realizar prácticas de observación y análisis de la técnica, en casos reales de entrenamiento y competición. 6. Conocer metodologías y ejercicios para la mejora de la eficacia técnica, la táctica y la estrategia. 7. Elaborar elementos de estudio del análisis cuantitativo de la técnica, la táctica y la estrategia. 8. Dotar al alumnado para afrontar, de modo óptimo, una programación de entrenamientos.




Code: 16522
Lecturer responsible:
Credits ECTS: 6,00
Theoretical credits: 0,60
Practical credits: 1,80
Distance-base hours: 3,60

Departments involved

    Theoretical credits: 0,6
    Practical credits: 1,8
    This Dept. is responsible for the course.
    This Dept. is responsible for the final mark record.

Study programmes where this course is taught