Notification center


Allows students to register in the UA study programmes and manage their grants

UACloud external services

Allows management of personal accounts in UA services as a result of an agreement with UA (Google and Microsoft Office 365)

Invoice payments

Allows university members to pay on-line


Allows teachers to submit notifications to one or several student groups as well as secretary's offices of the staff in charge of managing the degree programmes

VC Additional services

Enables users to access additional Virtual Campus-based services

Learning docs

Allows users to access the learning materials that teachers make available to students

My students

Enables teachers to get custom lists of students with access to their info sheets.


Allows users to manage the electronic administration procedures offered by the University

" "


Allows teachers and students to have access to the tutorial service


Acceso al expediente de formación y Gestión de inscripciones a cursos de Formación del PAS


Shows schedules related to academic activity

Academic record

Enquiries and procedures related to your academic record

Mark record sheet

Allows teachers to enter the students¿ marks with a digital signature

Course description

Allows users to edit and consult the description of the courses


Allows users to host documents, files and learning materials on the UA Cloud and to share them with individuals and with class groups

Pre-registration waiting lists

Allows management of waiting lists in undergraduate pre-registration and notifies students who have been accepted

Work placements

Allows management, monitoring and communication among the people involved in the internship programme

UA Moodle

Allows users to have access to UA the Moodle platform

Activity Record and Research Plan (RAPI)

Allows users access to the PhD degrees platform. Activity Record and Research Plan

UA Information System (UAIS)

Allows users to enter the UA Information System Management markers



Allows users to enter the final-year project management system

UA e-Resources (REDUA)

Enables university members to enter certain electronic resources (DB documentaries, virtual classroom...)

Download REDUA for Windows


Allows users to access the sports services management

Evaluation tools

Allows the creation and management of exams, achievement tests and submission of practical assignments


Enables users to create, manage and participate in debates


Allows access to the questionnaire/survey app to create and manage questionnaires, surveys and tests as well as to answer them


Mobility programmes

Allows university members to apply for and manage mobility programmes (ERASMUS, SICUE, etc.)

UA requests

It allows users to make queries and requests, to reports issues, etc., to the UA secretary's offices

Research and Academic Staff Comprehensive Management Plan

Allows teachers to consult their research and teaching activity.

IT Project Portfolio

Allows users to request IT projects and to monitor the implementation thereof

Personal record

Provides access to personal data, employment data, payslips, payments, etc.


Allows users to manage (encode, catalogue, classify and publish) multimedia materials and files.

Teaching Space and Exams

Allows management of educational space for classess and examinations


Enables interactions with two individuals

Students Support

Curricular Adaptations and Services of the Student Support Center (SSC)

Smart University

Smart University


Allows workgroup management for sharing information and resources

Report generator


Allows access to Microstrategy

Educational surveys

Allows students and teachers access to educational surveys

Gestión académica


Management of maintenance of buildings and facilities


Modelo de evaluación de la actividad docente del profesorado de la Universidad de Alicante


Alumni Portal

Who can become a UA Alumni member?


Permite la introducción manual de datos en el módulo UASumarios y el mantenimiento del mismo. *E

Research portal

Acces at the portal of the researcher


Permite buscar personas, departamentos, centros, servicios o unidades y configurar nuestros datos *V

Bibliografía recomendada

Conjunto de documentos que el profesorado recomienda al alumnado en cada una de las asignaturas que imparten durante el curso académico.

Salas virtuales


Access to webmail, FileSender (send large files) and subscripción to different lists of distribution of the UA

Pending notifications
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